Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE

Christmas 2020 Message

I know you will all be pleased to know that this is my last email before Christmas.

2020! For most of us, those four simple digits say all that needs to be said about the incredibly difficult, over whelming and exhausting year now finally coming to a close. "2020" has come to represent pain and loss on a scale none of us ever could have imagined. We can never forget the suffering that this year inflicted on so many.

However we must also remember that even in the face of historic challenges, we have still "achieved" great things-personally and professionally. I want this Christmas note to remind each one of us, that we have all played our part in bringing to the world something powerful, inspiring and uplifting. Whether through our work at InterTalent and Chosen, or through organizing, volunteering, educating or donating-we have all responded in our own way to the challenges of 2020, both as a company and as individuals, by standing up and showing up. Even as the world seemed to have lost its bearings in 2020, you have still managed to achieve whether at the office or home. I am proud to work with remarkable, brilliant and lovely people.

There's no question that 2020 was a year of struggle and tragedies, but it was also a year of courage and heroes. It will be a year we remember with sadness for what we lost but it will also be a year we remember with pride for how we weathered the challenges we were forced to confront.

As Santa / Allah / Muhammad / Swaminarayan "Claus" gets ready to 'zoom' around the world, I do hope though that we can all take a few days to rest, reflect and catch our breath. Finding time to focus on the positives that undoubtedly made their way into our lives as well. I look forward to reconnecting with you all after Christmas, and in the meantime hope that you, your family and friends, stay safe and healthy and find a time to celebrate.

Wishing you a wonderful and restful Christmas.

Warmest wishes, respect and love


Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE
Chairman InterTalent Rights Group