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InterTalent InterTalent 30th Anniversary BAFTA Speech - May 2022 Speech
InterTalent InterTalent 30 BAFTA Invitation - May 17th 2022 Invitation
Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE Christmas 2021 message Article
Jewish Chronicle 31/03/2021 The day I talked antiques with Cher Article
Jewish Chronicle 12/02/2021 Life affirming postie shanty Article
Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE 2021 New Year's Message Article
Jewish Chronicle 31/12/2020 Some happy news for the end of 2020 Article
Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE Christmas 2020 message Article
Jewish Chronicle 19/11/2020 I'd be great for the BBC top spot Article
Jewish Chronicle 12/10/2020 The night I sang Abba songs with Theresa May Article
Jewish Chronicle 28/08/2020 The pleasure and perils of cycling Article
Broadcast 31/7/2020 The diary of an agent in lockdown Article
Jewish Chronicle 23/07/2020 It's time to dine like a king again Article
Jewish Chronicle 05/06/2020 My starry nights, past and present Article
Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE Birthday message April 17th 2020 Article
Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE Easter/Passover message Article
Music Business Worldwide 12/2019 Jonathan Shalit - My favourite things Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE Welcome to the ROARING Twenties... Article
Evening Standard 4/10/2019 The Progress 1000: London's most influential people 2019 Article
InterTalent The Kingdom Choir 2019 View PDF
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ITV An Evening with Chickenshed View PDF
Daily Mail 18/7/2017 Just MINUTES after his gastric bypass, how a showbiz impresario's diabetes was reversed Article
OK! 1/10/2015 ROARing success! Article
Evening Standard 7/9/2015 Big-hitting Mr Showbiz is looking for a new punchline Article
Broadcast 4/8/2015 Jonathan Shalit's ROAR Global agency bids to disrupt comedy market Article
The Stage 4/8/2015 ROAR Group expands with new comedy division Article
Asian Voice 24/1/2015 One to One with Keith Vaz MP Article
Daily Express 6/12/2014 Mr.Showbiz Article
Jewish Chronicle 14/11/2014 Starmaker who shows celebs what it means to be Jewish Article
OK! 28/10/2014 The King of Entertainment Article
Hello! 27/10/2014 Jonathan Shalit manages an A-list OBE party Article
Broadcast 24/10/2014 Super-agent gets his reward Article
Sunday Express 19/10/2014 Jonathan Shalit has a royal blessing to use the title Professor Article
Sunday Telegraph 20/4/2014 My space Article
FHM February 2014 How to bring someone back from the dead Article
The Sun on Sunday 13/10/2013 Celebs' agent on why freedom is a blessing Article
Daily Mail 4/9/2013 So if Tony Blair can eat this... Article
Daily Express 23/8/2013 My six best books: Jonathan Shalit Article
Music Week 12/7/2013 Shal-we dance? Article
Daily Mail 8/6/2013 One man she CAN rely on: Myleene Klass enjoys a night out with her manager Jonathan Shalit Article
A&R Worldwide Newsletter 8/4/2013 ROAR Group appoints Head of New Music Article
North London Today 31/3/2013 "Chickenshed members to perform in front of star-studded audience" Article
Advertisement March 2013 ROAR GROUP Article
Mail On Sunday 9/12/2012 "A new boss? You must be barking" Article
Broadcast 3/12/2012 "Somethin' Else talent director joins ROAR" Article
Music Week 17/8/2012 "ROAR emotions" Part1, Part2
Music Week 25/5/2012 "Shalit becomes a professor for Henley course" Article
A&R Worldwide Music & Media Newsletter 21/5/2012 "ROAR Global CEO has been named Professor Jonathan Shalit..." Article
Daily Mail 14/5/2012 "Agent Jonathan Shalit's own career is poised to make an unexpected turn..." Article
OK! 1/5/2012 "We Shal party!" Part1, Part2 
Hello! 30/4/2012 "Celebrating a golden age" Article 
Broadcast 27/4/2012 "The great and good of showbiz were out in force for uber-agent Jonathan Shalit's 50th birthday" Article
Daily Telegraph 20/4/2012 "Theresa May was enjoying herself at the 50th birthday party of Jonathan Shalit" Article 
The Guardian 18/4/2012 "Monkey goes to Jonathan Shalit's 50th birthday bash" Article 
Katrina Shalit 17/4/2012 Katrina Shalit's speech at Jonathan Shalit's 50th birthday Article 
Daily Mail 17/4/2012 "Kelly Brook and Myleene Klass brighten up celebrity agent Jonathan Shalit's 50th birthday in skimpy dresses" Article 
Daily Mail 17/4/2012 "Tulisa arrives at agent's 50th birthday wearing cardboard cut-out of his face" Article 
Weekend (Daily Mail) 31/3/2012 "Jonathan Shalit: My view" Article 
Music Week 17/2/2012 "Borge out of Asylum to answer Shalit's ROAR" Article 
Music Week 20/1/2012 "Key songs in the life of... Jonathan Shalit" Article 
Broadcast 13/1/2012 "Jonathan Shalit at Barbados Hope Animal Sanctuary's annual auction" Article 
Music Week 6/1/2012 "Puppy love" Article 
Billboard January 2012 "Simon Cowell & Jonathan Shalit at Hope Animal Sanctuary's annual auction..." Article 
Daily Mail 20/12/2011 "Jonathan Shalit staged a surprise celebration of wife Katrina's 51st birthday at 35,000ft" Article 
Mail On Sunday 18/12/2011 "Impresario Jonathan Shalit may have met his match when it comes to one deal" Article 
Daily Mail 3/12/2011 "A note of discord for Church" Article 
Daily Mail 17/11/2011 "Jonathan Shalit among guests at 35th anniversary of Arab British Chamber of Commerce" Article 
Daily Mail 1/11/2011 "Jonathan Shalit cut short a trip to Jakarta.. so he could surprise wife Katrina" Article 
The Sun 19/10/2011 "Release of Gilad Shalit" Article 
Daily Mail 13/10/2011 "Showbiz agent Jonathan Shalit is getting ready to crack open the champagne..." Article 
Daily Mail 15/8/2011 "Shalit overcomes the rioters" Article 
Hello! 27/6/2011 "Jonathan Shalit on The Kate Effect" Article 
Daily Mail 21/3/2011 "Showbiz agent Jonathan Shalit has bought out an agency representing sports stars..." Article 
Sussex Life 24/1/2011 "In love with wife, life and Sussex" Part1Part2,
OK! 30/11/2010 "Showbiz agent Jonathan Shalit marries in front of his celebrity friends" ContentsPart1Part2,
Daily Mirror 19/11/2010 "So what should Katie do next?" Article 
Jewish Chronicle 19/11/2010 "Sorry girls, I've just got wed" Article 
Jewish News 18/11/2010 "Stars out for Shalit simcha" Article 
The Sun 13/11/2010 "Dressed to Kell" Article 
Evening Standard 12/11/2010 "Star guests all the way as Shalit weds" Article 
Daily Mail 12/11/2010 "Mazel tov!.. Jonathan Shalit's Jewish wedding" Article 
Daily Mail 1/11/2010 "No longer a free agent" Article 
Broadcast 10/2010 "And finally... Jonathan Shalit" Article 
Daily Mail 19/10/2010 "Surprise guests at the stag night of Jonathan Shalit" Article 
Daily Mail 14/10/2010 "Eyebrows were raised in Whitehall this week..." Article 
Stage 20/4/2010 "Shalit's ROAR Group expands into TV, theatre and film with
stake in Cole Kitchenn actors' agency"
Broadcast "TALENT agent Shalit set to ROAR with a rebranded TV division" Article 
Broadcast 16/4/2010 "Talent agency Shalit set to Roar with TV division" Article 
Daily Mail 6/4/2010 "Has pop impresario Jonathan Shalit had a nose job?" Article 
The Mail on Sunday 28/3/2010 "After 47 years as a bachelor, celebrity agent Jonathan Shalit
has finally proposed."
Music Week 27/3/2010 "Manager extraordinaire Jonathan Shalit.. popped the big question" Article 
Broadcast 26/3/2010 "Off Cuts congratulates superagent Jonathan Shalit" Article 
Various 19/3/2010 "Engagement announcements" Article 
Daily Mail 16/3/2010 "Agent Shalit seals deal with his love" Article 
Mail online 7/3/2010 "Oops Myleene!" Article 
Daily Mail 24/2/2010 "A fright at the Opera House for theatrical agent Jonathan Shalit" Article 
Mail On Sunday 2 10/1/2010 "Jonathan Shalit reveals why he spends New Year in Barbados" Article 
Daily Mail 16/12/2009 "Jonathan Shalit is refusing to allow the BA strike
to interfere with his annual holiday..."
Daily Mail 19/11/2009 "Owner of The Ivy pays tribute to Jonathan Shalit" Article
Mail On Sunday 2 22/11/2009 "I'm a legend in my own lunchtime!" Part1, Part2
Music Week 21/11/2009 "The best address book in England" Part1, Part2, Part3
Part4, Part5, Part6
Daily Mail 28/10/2009 "What price a diva's demands?" Article 
Evening Standard 9/9/2009 "Showbiz magnate discovers star properties" Article 
The Sunday Times 23/8/2009 "Fame & Fortune" Article 
Music Week 25/7/2009 "Trio join forces with launch of talent show..." Article 
Media Guardian 13/7/2009 "MediaGuardian 100 2009: Jonathan Shalit" Article 
The Guardian G2 22/5/2009 "Meet the secret of Myleene's success" Article 
Daily Mail 12/2/2009 "Crash that shattered Klass" Article 
Hit Sheet 9/4/2008 "Jonathan Shalit... subjects himself to scrutiny" Article 
Daily Mail 31/12/2007 "The ground moved... for Jonathan Shalit" Article 
Daily Mail 12/2007 "Jonathan Shalit's shocking bank statement..." Article 
The Times 09/2007 "Making A Difference: Chickenshed Theatre" Article 
Collage  09/2007 "Shalit's back in tune with an old foe" Articles 
The Mail on Sunday 26/8/2007 "Why did you cut me out of your life, Charlotte?" Part1, Part2, Part3
Jewish News 07/2007 "At home with Jonathan Shalit" Article 
Daily Mail 28/12/2006 "I'm a celebrity, get me to Barbados!" Article 
Jewish Chronicle 29/09/2006 "Being Jonathan Shalit" Article 
The Independent 21/07/2006 "Shalit shan't" Article 
The Mail on Sunday 9/07/2006 "My cousin's kidnappers are not 'militants'... they're
terrorists, just like the 7/7 bombers"
The Jewish News 6/07/2006 "Why is no news good news when it comes to Israel?" Article 
The Independent 20/06/2006 "Wanted: black singers (but don't tell the race watchdog)" Article 
Members Music Magazine
"Artist management" Article 
Mail On Sunday 29/01/2006 "Being sacked by Charlotte Church's mother
was the best thing that happened to me"
Daily Mail 09/01/2006 "First rule of showbiz: keep Mum sweet" Article 
Sunday Telegraph 21/8/2005 "Take me seriously" Article 

Sunday Express 24/7/2005

"Jonathan and the pop-in stars"

Part1, Part2
A&R Worldwide "Executive dossier: Jonathan Shalit" Article
Daily Express 25/10/2004 "Shalit's Verdict" (X-Factor) Article
Daily Express 01/11/2004 "Shalit's Verdict" (X-Factor) Article
Daily Express 22/11/2004 "Shalit's Verdict" (X-Factor) Article
S2 4/8/2004 "24/7, All time zones" Article
Music Managers Forum Aut. 2004 "I'm The Manager" Article
Daily Express 28/05/2004 "Shalit's Reality No Hopers & Shalit's Real Stars" Pages: 22, 23
Broadcast  12/3/2004 "No Talent Required" Article
Night & Day 14/12/2003 "My Island Paradise - Barbados" Article
Night & Day 02/11/2003 "Final Flight (Concorde)"  Article
Night & Day 13/07/2003 The Mail on Sunday Interview Pages: 24, 25, 26, 27
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Jonathan Shalit and Kate Silverton (Ascot 2009)
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Jonathan at 50 invitation